Sunday, March 4, 2007

Important Note

Here I am wanting to spread the good news about NFP and it suddenly hit me that I was not very clear about somethign in my Welcome to Wheelbarrow Manor entry. I have edited the original but I thought it important enough to point out in it's own post. I mentioned that my husband and I came to a clearer understanding of the church's beautiful teaching on openess to life and that we began practicing NFP. The next thing I mention is our surprise (WONDERFUL suprise by the way!!) pregnancy. One of the most common misconceptions, fears, worries...about practicing NFP is that it is not effective. I have learned that this could not be further from the truth. And NFP did not fail us...we failed NFP by not being diligent in our (my) charting. One of my purposes to this blog is to talk about our joys and struggles using NFP but in doing so to hopefully bring people to an understanding of it - not further misconceptions about it. Hopefully I did not do that by being unclear in my original writing!!

I want to put some great links to infomration on different NFP methods and such but I'm so exhausted that my fingers are not working well! I'll add some tomorrow so check back if interested or Google!! The one I know for sure is the website for the type of NFP that we use - the Billings Ovulation Method. I have some other great ones too so check back!


Sarah said...

As a big fan of NFP myself, I have to say that my Baby2 (currently in utero) is the result of NFP. No, not lack of diligence. But because we knew where peak was in our busy lives, and because we have been diligent, we could use the beauty of how God created our bodies to be more open than usual. And it worked! Wow! :)

Stevie said...

That is awesome!! It works both ways! That is the beauty of NFP! Congrats on Baby2!

Debbie said...

Both Sam and Thomas are the products of NFP -- Planned! We wanted both and were able to conceive quickly because we knew the signs.